Sony Data Recovery: How to Restore

Lost or Deleted Files from Sony Computer?

Sony Corp is an excellent and great electronic product design and manufacturing company. Sony Corp’s product line covers computer, mobile phone, digital camera, Walkman, digital voice recorder, etc.. Although the Sony is not as brilliant as before, however, ten years ago, it is a company as excellent as today’s Apple. As we know, Sony VAIO notebook computers have excellent performance and stylish appearance. Just like digital camera and cell phone users, data loss always bring pains to laptop users. If you accidentally delete one or more photos from your VAIO computer’s hard drive, and empty the recycle bin, do we still have a chance to recover the erased files? If you accidentally format the computer’s hard disk, and haven’t  backed up important files to a safe place, do we have the opportunity to recover the missing files from the formatted hard drive?

Is it Possible to Retrieve Deleted Files from Sony Computer’s Hard Drive?

The answer is definitely YES! When the user delete files or even format the hard disk, the operating system will only remove the file size, address, type and other information, and will not erase the original data itself. Thus, the operating system can not access the deleted data, even if they are still stay in the original place totally intact. However, the data recovery software has a special algorithm, which can scan every corner of the hard disk, extract the data in the storage space, and analyze the data format. Once it is a meaningful data, the recovery tool will put these data fragments together, combined into a meaningful file. This is the process of data recovery. Is the principle of file retrieval very simple?