How to Choose a Sony Digital Camera Type?

There is no doubt that in the digital camera consumer market, Sony Corp’s performance is not as good as Canon and Nikon. With years of experience on the CCD and CMOS image sensor, the Sony digital camera is still underestimated. However, in the digital video camera products, the Sony Corp has obvious advantages. This article will sort out the types of Sony digital cameras, so that users find the right digital camera model for themselves.

Common Sony digital cameras include the following types:

1) Interchangeable-lens digital camera. According to the type of image sensors, there are two models of digital cameras: 35mm Full Frame and APS-C cameras. Photographs shot by the former are more clear, with more details, and suitable for professional photographers users. The latter is suitable for ordinary photography users. In addition, according to the size of the lens, there are two kinds of lens of the digital camera: A-mount and E-mount cameras. Ordinarily, Sony DSLRs use A-mount lenses and  compact system cameras use E-mount lenses or A-mount with adaptor.

2) Cyber-shot digital camera. This series of cameras mainly refers to the compact digital camera, and it is more suitable for primary users. According to the number of pixels of the image sensor, the price difference of the digital cameras is very large. Need to be reminded that, more pixels may be harmful to image quality. Especially in the case of low light intensity, the more pixels the sensor has, the worse quality the image will be. At the same time, more pixels means that more storage space is occupied by each photograph.

3) Lens-style camera. This digital camera looks more like a lens than a camera. This kind of digital camera can meet the requirements of the users that are extremely care about the size of camera.