Question: I accidentally formatted my Sony Memory Stick, and there are many precious pictures on it, can I restore them? Please help me!
Answer: Yes, the pictures are still on the formatted memory stick. They are not disappeared although you can not see them. Sony Pictures recovery software can recover these formatted pictures. You’d better save your memory stick to a safe place and do not write any files into it until these lost pictures are retrieved.


Question: When I transferred Sony digital camera photos to the laptop last night, the transmission failed. Unfortunately, my computer has not received these pictures, and the pictures in digital cameras also disappeared. Can I get back those disappeared photos?
Answer: Yes, in fact, those pictures are still on your digital camera, but you can not see it. With Sony Picture recovery software, you can retrieve them easily.


Question: I have a lot of travel photos on my memory card. However, when I insert the memory card to the computer, it was asked to be formatted. I was worried that formatting memory card will make all photos disappeared, so I canceled the operation. I wonder how to ensure images not lost.
Answer: Correct operation approach is: First, installed a Sony picture recovery tool on your computer; then scan and recover pictures from the memory card. Note: In case the above approach can not recover lost pictures, you can format your memory card first and then use the Sony picture recovery tool to get them back.


Question: Under what circumstances lost pictures can be recovered?
Answer: Deleted, formatted, inaccessible, virus infected pictures all can be restored.


Question: Can video and audio files be recovered in addition to photographs?
Answer: Yes, almost all formats of images, RAW format pictures, video and audio files can be restored with ease.


Question: I am a computer newbie. Is this software easy to use?

Answer: Yes, the software has a wizard-based graphical user interface, and we also provide an illustrated tutorial. Any computer newbie can complete Sony picture recovery process independently.


Note: The multimedia file recovery software introduced above can only rescue lost or deleted photos, audio and video files from Sony digital camera and cell phone. If you want to undelete files such as contacts and text messages (SMS) from Sony Android phone (like Xperia Z/TL), you’ll need this powerful and easy to use Android Data Recovery tool.